Coconut-Raspberry Swirl Jello (sugar free, dairy free, paleo)

My newest invented recipe. Paleo (sugar free, dairy free, etc) jello. It’s so good!

Find the recipe here:

Coconut-Raspberry Swirl Jello (sugar free, dairy free, paleo)



Quick One-pot Really Truly Tomato Soup

Tomato SoupI made this last night, improvising between a handful of recipes I found online.

We’ve gotten tired of our old tomato soup recipe, so I’ve been on the lookout for a new one. Someone said at dinner: “This is good. It actually tastes like tomatoes, not like red water.”

Well, good. I’m sorry for all those past batches of soup you’ve had to endure.

(the main difference was that this recipe uses crushed tomatoes instead of equal parts tomato juice and broth)

I didn’t follow measurements or a recipe while I was making this, so I’m going to try to write it down the best I can.IMG_9580

One-pot Really Truly Tomato Soup

serves about 7

1 onion

8 ounces canned diced tomatoes (any kind of canned tomato works)

1 cup chicken broth

1/2 tsp dried basil

7 leaves fresh basil (optional)

1 tsp dried or fresh parsley

3-4 stalks of celery, chopped

Milk or cream, optional

Dice the onion. In your soup pot, sautee the onion until it’s translucent, stirring periodically.

add your remaining ingredients to the pot and simmer until warm. Puree in a blender (I used my immersion blender) and serve with milk or cream.

To make a meal of it, we like popcorn and sliced cheese and apples with the tomato soup.IMG_9573

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Allergy Free Oatmeal-carrot cookies (GF, EF, DF, SF)


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IMG_9608pinI made these for dessert last night and they went over really well. I adjusted the original recipe to fit our family’s particular dietary restrictions, and they turned out perfectly! It’s like carrot cake and oatmeal cookies all rolled into one.  Continue reading

Gluten free spritz sugar cookies


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sugar cookiesIMG_5670Growing up, I always loved those little spritz cookies that you punched out and sprinkled with colored sugar. When we went gluten free seven years ago, I missed them a lot.
But then I decided to make sugar-cookies from a new recipe I found from a 2010 Taste of Home magazine. I tweaked them a little and made them gluten-free, and upon tasting them I realized that they reminded me so much of the spritz I loved growing up! Light and buttery and melt-in your mouth; crisp and yet soft; crumbly and yet chewy. Continue reading

The Industrious Hedgehog (& co.) returns


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While working through possible-card-designs, a family friend (you know who you are, Mrs. B) was so kind in her remarks about my hedgehogs (which I’d forgotten about). Not real ones, it’s OK. I mean my drawn ones.

[drawn last night with pencil & watercolor pencil]


The Effects of Death Upon the Living


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Our scene opens upon two young men conversing together. One is of very earnest and animated countenance, with a manly bearing and the stamp of virtue upon his face; the other is of a manner more carefree and inclined to enjoy the youthful pleasures of life without considering the more sober, but necessary elements. We come upon Joseph, the former, speaking sincerely upon the matter of death.

4cc8c8d67e88a5f9e1c04bc07325f876“The voice of a dying man seems to be more readily hearkened to than that of his lusty neighbours. Perhaps this is on account that death strips away vanity from his thoughts, and he is given new eyes to shun that which is of no account in the ever-approaching light of the world to come. Death! How it banishes the thoughts of vain pleasures and the care for esteem of men. For who so foolish as  to seek the acclaim of masses when his soul is quickly departing to the Presence of the One before whom the opinions and esteem of men hold no weight?” Continue reading