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I’m always talking about all the adorable things one can use with the buttons I make. Then I looked at my closet and realized that I ought to be practicing what I preach. Hello, I make these buttons that frankly, I’m in love with and can imagine a million uses for, and here’s my closet, bereft of anything I’ve made. Not a single button appears in my wardrobe. What am I thinking? (I’m not. You know the feeling.)

Mission: to find as many items in my wardrobe as possible that can take a button makeover.

The first item to receive the treatment was my mother’s little denim bag that I’ve adopted as sort of a sewing bag for my knitting and rag scraps. It is a cute little handmade bag, I think originally it was a pair of shorts, but it was kind of….well, plain. When I considered that one of my favorite imaginary uses for my buttons is purses and bags, I realized that I had just the thing! So I strode purposefully to the linen closet, seized my button box, sewing basket, and the victim (denim bag), and attacked.



(I played around with several different buttons, but the Victorian Rose buttons won out)

Unfortunately my camera didn’t take kindly to the contrast between denim and button, so the button got washed out and makes it so you can less appreciate the adorableness of it. But I think you get the idea.
Now, throw some ideas at me! What else do you suggest I could use my buttons on? I think an apron would be darling! Or a decorative pillow….hmmm…..Β  What do you say?
Now I leave you with a dose of cute:

Standing: Easter Egger chick
Sitting: Welsummer chick