………to Etsy.

It’s been long in coming, and I finally done did it.  Etsy fees have just gone higher and higher over the past several years, and since my little shop was not doing well at all, I was losing more money than I was making by a long shot, not even touching the fact that the intensive time and labor I was expending was not being justified in the profits of my business endeavors.  In English, it wasn’t worth it. 😀

The final blow, so to speak, that made me once and for all decide to leave Etsy was talking with a friend of mine, Hinda from CutieHandmade. She has been struggling the same way I have, and she’s leaving Etsy too.  Tons of fees and no payback: not going to work for low (or non) income gals. 😀

So I decided to try my hand at Storenvy, which is free. It was relatively easy to set up, though I’m having trouble with payment and shipping. Hinda has been having problems with the latter, I know, so we’ll see what comes of it. She’s got shops on a lot of sites…..

So, that’s the ‘big announcement’. I’ll be slowly filling up my Storenvy shop, so stop  by and then drop me a line lettin’ me know what you think of it!

My Etsy shop was easy to remember: DollyMadison.etsy.com. Storenvy is equally easy: DollyMadison.storenvy.com. 😀