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Let’s admit it. Most of us have busy lives, and we can’t spend an hour (or more!) doing fancy designs on our nails like…..well, like these. They’re cute, yes– but not at all practical to create (let alone maintain– imagine trying to wash dishes and chop vegetables for dinner with your nails all fancy!).

I’m not into fancy nails anyway. I rarely paint mine– shucks, I’m happy if they stay looking decent (not always easy)! But a few months ago I won a giveaway, in which there was quite a number of rolls of washi tape. Really cute, but I hadn’t the slightest idea of what to do with it. And when you have something crafty that you don’t know what to do with? You look it up on Pinterest, of course! So, being the sensible gal that I am {cough cough}, that’s what I did. And I came on a cute little picture of somebody’s toes with washi tape on ’em. That gave me an idea. If you can put it on your toes, then why not your fingers? It’s brilliant! BRILLIANT! So…….that’s what I did. Turned out real cute, too.


The pictures here are four days after application, so it’s starting to look a little crummy around the edges, but it’s actually holding up real well for all that! Aren’t they cute, though? With practice I’ll be able to get the corners cut cleaner upon application, too. But this is so much quicker and easier than doing it by hand.

As washi tape isn’t particularly sticky, I decided to put a few coats of protective nail gloss over it to make it stayed (even more brilliant!). Here’s the tutorial:

What You’ll Need:

  • washi tape of choice
  • protective top coat nail polish/gloss
  • pencil (a nice sharp one is preferable)
  • scissors
  • IMG_0264

 IMG_0266 copy

First, I cut off a piece of washi tape a little bigger than my fingernail (since I’d already done my whole left hand, I was covering my right pointer finger here in the picture).

IMG_0267 copy

Next, I laid it over my fingernail, positioning the pattern how I liked it:

IMG_0268 copy IMG_0269 copy

Next, I took the pencil and ‘traced’ the fingernail edges, like so:

IMG_0270 copy

Then I took the tape off my finger and cut around the pencil lines. Remember, it’s better to have the tape too big than too small– you can always trim it again.

IMG_0271 copy

After positioning the tape, press it down with something hard (like the end of a pen or something) to make sure it’s firmly cemented on the surfaces and in the crevices on either side of your fingernail. Once it’s to your liking, put a coat of protective nail polish on top– I probably put two or three coats the first day, and have added a few more coats since then (the tape tends to come off at the tip and bottom of the nail). But still, my fingers look grand after three or four days, and that includes scrubbing with a fingernail brush!

EDIT: you may need to put fingernail polish under the tape. I have had to do that on a couple of the nails. But that can be done after doing everything else– as a ‘fixer’ if the tape starts to flip up.

IMG_0275 copy

See? It takes so much less time than it takes to tell about it. So cute! I have the notion to do my feet sometime soon, too….


Have fun with your cheat-easy manicure! There are so many washi tape patterns out there, so there’s no end of designs you can use!

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