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These shirts. Are. Grand.

Maybe I’m biased ‘cuz I know the guy who designed these. But I think these shirts are fantastic.

Kyle designed it with a pencil and paper. They’re handlettered. The shirts are purple. They give a vital message. What’s not to like?

It’s plenty early for you to stock up on these for Father’s day, birthdays, Christmas, or just-because gifts. Am I shamelessly trying to get you to buy one or two or twelve? Yes. Maybe if we can get enough of these sold, we can convince Kyle to get a line up for us gals! What say you?

Help spread the word for Kingdom Apparel Co.!

If you’re a husband, then by default, you’re teaching the world about the relationship of Christ and His bride, the Church . . . by the way you treat your own wife.

You’re either teaching the world a lie, or you’re teaching the Gospel.

The purple represents the royalty of Christ, while the white represents His spotless bride, the Church. Hand-lettering by Kyle Shepherd.

I can’t get over how swell these shirts are. I’m going to go rob my bank account and see if I can afford one for my father– shhhh, don’t say nothin’ about it, mmkay? (if you want to help me afford one or two or three, you are always welcome to buy a few sets of my buttons…..*knowing wink*)

Here’s how you can help!

Support small businesses– support Kingdom Apparel Co.!

The following quote is from Sons of the Remnant:

This is, quite simply, the manliest T-shirt ever. Married man or young and single man, it doesn’t matter. Ephesians 5:25 is what manhood is about.

And it can be yours, for only $15. Hey, it’s for the cause of chivalry. Don’t sweat it.

So get it HERE: http://teespring.com/loveyourwives

TeeSpring is sort of like KickStarter for T-shirts: http://teespring.com/about. My good friend Kyle Shepherd did the hand-lettering for this design. He needs to reach thirty orders in order for this shirt to be printed, but there’s no risk involved for you, because if he doesn’t reach that goal no money changes hands. These t-shirts will only be available for order until the 28th of May, so put in your order ASAP!! 


I had to put the picture on here twice. Can you blame me? I love it!


NEWSFLASH: We made the limit! Hurrah! I can’t wait to get mine in the mail just in time for Father’s Day!