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Or, the Storye of the Bisy Bushpig

Industrious Hedgehog Sweeping

One day, the Industrious Hedgehog was sweeping his front porch with a broom made of thistle down, when the wind blew a friendly gust at him, cheerfully scattering the dust back over the path he had just finished cleaning. As he picked himself up from the hedgerow and dusted the leaves off of his trousers, he noticed a small bunch of field-daisies nodding their heads at him as if they were laughing. So he carefully– oh! so carefully!– plucked them to take to his good friend, little Annie Mouse (whom you have not yet met).

He carefully dressed himself in his finest sailor-suit (the one that his aunt Bertha had given him, with the blue knots on the collar), being very particular not to catch it on his prickles. Then he trotted down the lane to the little hole in the old stone wall where little Annie Mouse lived.

And we must end the story here, dear reader, for Annie Mouse has not been drawn, and we don’t want to spoil it just yet– do we?

Industrious Hedgehog

These sketches were done in pen-and-ink over pencil.Β