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Country music. I never did think I’d enjoy it.
But then, there’s Andy Kenway.


Andy is an up-and-coming balladeer who should be hitting the charts in a few years. He’s also a composer, who’s written “Play The Man” (my personal favorite of his), “Sands of Omaha” (A tribute to that battle of WWII) and “Up in the Morning Early“. Find more of his recordings on his Grooveshark profile here and his YouTube channel.

The song I’m featuring today is actually a Country number. You have permission to call the men in the white coats, but I truly do enjoy this one! (for those of you who don’t know, I’ve been known to go on tirades against 99% of Country music) They say there’s always room for sanctification. That must be true, because this is the girl who a few months ago staunchly insisted to a friend that she hated soundtracks, and now finds herself falling asleep with the Lord of the Rings stuck in her head. Yes, that friend is a little gleeful sometimes.

Andy Kenway on FACEBOOK and ReverbNation

Written by Steve Goodman, and sung by many popular artists, Andy Kenway recorded this treasure a few weeks ago. I love the folksy flair he uses. Want a tip? He puts up new songs every Friday on his Soundcloud channel! (you’re welcome) [edit: he does not do this any more, but check his channel out anyway!]

Also visit Andy’s website, and be sure to keep up with him on Google Plus!

Because I can’t resist, I’m going to add a bonus. My favorite song of Andy’s!